Walhalla Winter Night Trains

All aboard a very special journey down Stringer’s Creek Gorge as part of the Walhalla Winter Night Trains. Experience the beauty of our railway like never before. You’ll look on in awe as the lights from the train cut through the imposing darkness of a Walhalla winter night.

Running in conjunction with the Walhalla Vinter Ljusfest, when the town of Walhalla comes alive at night with colourful lights and experiences.

Trains depart from Walhalla Station. On arrival at Thomson Station you will be greeted with a complimentary hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Hot water bottles and blankets are provided to help take the chill off.

Trains run at 6pm and 8pm each Saturday night in August ( 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st )

Seats are limited, bookings are essential.

Arrive early and enjoy the comfort of our Goods Shed whilst enjoying a hot drink and a bite to eat. You can pre-book your meals by phoning 0401 497 881

Passengers are not able to join the train at Thomson Station.


A$137.09Family (2 Adults, 2 Children) Children 16 and under
FreeWGR Member/Concession


12 July – 27 October

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Josefin Arnell, Matilda Davis, Rose English, Amos Gebhardt, Anna Louise Richardson, Jacqui Stockdale, Jenny Watson

Galleries 1, 2 & 3, Latrobe Regional Gallery, Ground floor. 

Horse Girl Energy is a curious survey exhibition of horses and horse culture today, with a nod to its history. The exhibition examines the Horse Girl stereotype, celebrating abjection, alienation, and human animal relations, namely, the Horse: iconic Beast of burden, companion, and metaphor for strength, freedom, the divine, and arbiter of the apocalypse. Marking several new acquisitions for the Latrobe Regional Gallery collection, this large scale exhibition also features an “Equine Shrine”, a community-led installation made up of loaned artworks and other objects celebrating the horse and horse culture in Latrobe City and Gippsland.

Proudly supported by Horseland Traralgon.

The Australian INXS Tribute show – Featuring Dellacoma Rio

Presented by Premier Artists

The Australian INXS Tribute Show is a fully immersive “Wembley Style” INXS experience with a show that must be seen to be believed.  

Thursday 27 March 2025 | 7:30pm | GPAC Main Theatre

Featuring a breathtaking original video show as well as a fully authentic 6-piece lineup delivering an energetic journey through the songs that made INXS a household name for the past 4 decades.

Fronted by the incredible Dellacoma Rio, whose uncanny portrayal of Michael Hutchence has captivated audiences worldwide. Touring across the globe, The Australian INXS Tribute Show has travelled to Dubai, India,Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Vanuatu, Singapore, Japan, China, Bora Bora, New Caledonia, Taipei and South Korea.  

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, this unique INXS theatre experience delivers a breathtaking ‘Australian Made’ rock show unlike anything you’ve seen before! 

Moartz 25th Anniversary One-Act Play Gala Weekend

An out-and-out superb cast has been secured for the 25th Anniversary One-Act Play Gala Weekend. Along with welcoming back many talented favourites from over the years, in true Moartz tradition we also welcome someone brand new to the mix.

“Bombshells”, written by Joanna Murray-Smith, directed by Annette O’Shea cast includes:
Erin Jessep – Tiggy Entwhistle, a cactus lover
Jasmine O’Shea – Mary O’Donnell, a feisty teenage schoolgirl
Karina Byrne – Theresa McTerry, a disillusioned bride
Christine Skicko – Winsome Webster, a widow

“Just Far Enough” by Melinda Chapman, directed by Mike Pullar cast includes:
Amy Moss – Lisa Mitchell: kind, tactful but untruthful
Gene Jarvis – Chris Foster: perceptive, honest but spiteful
Julie Strini – Mary Foster: devoted, boisterous, encroaching

Moartz will present these one-act plays as the centrepiece to their 25th anniversary celebrations along with local artist display, video and photo display, memorabilia, catering and more.

Friday 23 August – 7.30pm
Saturday 24 August – 2pm & 7.30pm

Maryvale Art Foundation Collection

June 8 – September 15

Gallery 5

This exhibition marks and celebrates the formal donation of artworks on long term loan from Maryvale Art Foundation, now Kurnai College, to the Latrobe Regional Gallery permanent collection. The Maryvale collection, created in the late 1970s to early 1980s, and emerging out of an acquisitive art prize, spans a diverse range of works on paper, sculpture, and glass. This generous donation ensures these artworks, of significant historical and cultural importance both to the area and nation-wide, are maintained and cared for as a public collection for future generations.

mudyigalang-gu ngurambang-gu

Clinton Hayden

June 8 – September 15
Gallery 6

Clinton Hayden is a queer contemporary artist whose work intersects technology, identity, and cultural heritage. As a proud Wiradjuri man with roots in Orange, NSW, and European ancestry, he offers a distinctive perspective in contemporary art. His current work investigates the critical imaginaries of AI, notably its transformative potential to examine colonial histories, queer culture, and First Nations stories. Mudyigalang-gu ngurambang-gu (Friends of Country in Wiradjuri) employs AI to adapt the visual language of iconic figures in queer culture, such as Tom of Finland, to include Aboriginal representation – a space from which it has often been excluded. This multifaceted approach prompts essential discussions about visibility, inclusivity, and the intersections of different identities. Hayden’s art is an open invitation to engage with the diverse and interconnected challenges surrounding dignity, identity, and representation in a rapidly evolving society.

Straight Torque, twin series

Amrita Hepi

June 8 – September 15

Gallery 4

Artist and choreographer Amrita Hepi acknowledges the black and brown female body as an intricate vessel for, and of, historical knowledge. Hepi’s work coalesces fact and fiction, memoir and ethnography, the local and the singular.

In Straight torque, twin series Hepi uses linguistic mechanisms, specifically homophones, as a framing device. Homophones (morning/mourning, blew/blue, I’ll/aisle/isle) are defined as words sharing identical pronunciation but possessing distinct meanings. By pointedly using the paradoxical nature of the English language to develop a visual dialect, Hepi’s work elicits a spectrum of effects, ranging from frustration and failure, to delight and the absurdity of our collective reality.

Harriett Porter & the Very Magical Thing!

Presented by Gippsland Youth Drama Workshop / HT&E

A magical send-up of the popular young wizard movies, Harriett Porter is a show written and performed by the talented young stars of Latrobe.

Saturday 29 June | 7:30pm | GPAC Little Theatre

Harriett Porter has just been informed she’s a witch, and she’s been whisked off to enrol in the Warthog’s School of Magic, where she meets new friends, encounters many strange problems, and must face her destiny for the future of all the wizarding world – The nasty and evil Moldymort!

Will Harriett and her friends survive their schooling years, or will dark magic take over the world?

This is a fun twist on the well-known books and movies, with satire and comedy developed by the young stars involved in the Gippsland Youth Drama Workshop.

The Imperfects Live in the Vulnerabilitea House

Founder of The Resilience Project, Hugh van Cuylenburg, his brother Josh van Cuylenburg and comedian Ryan Shelton (neither of their brothers), are welcoming you to pour yourself a cup of Vulnerabilitea and join us for a very special night, live, in the Vulnerabilitea House.

Thursday 15 August | 6.30pm | GPAC Main Theatre

Taking the popular podcast format to the stage, it’s a night that will make you laugh, feel and think, as Hugh, Ryan and Josh get vulnerable, in order to build authentic connections and improve wellbeing.

Receiving more than a million downloads each month, The Imperfects is an Australian podcast about how perfectly imperfect we all are.
Comparing ourselves to others is not only exhausting, it’s extremely harmful.

However, when we share our struggles, we start to realise that everyone, no matter how successful, has something they are battling with. The Imperfects aims to teach, inspire and share stories of vulnerability so we can all be happier, build authentic connections and become more resilient.

This night will be a celebration of vulnerability and connection. Come and join the fun and embrace the imperfection.

Latrobe City Art Salon 

Morwell Art Group, Traralgon & District Art Society, Moe Art Society

17 May – 28 July Gippsland Performing Arts Centre, Level 1

In the tradition of the salon exhibitions of yesteryear, where a myriad of artworks and people would be brought together, judged, and prized, Latrobe City Art Salon is an exhibition of works from Morwell Art Group, Traralgon & District Art Society, and Moe Art Society curated by the Latrobe Regional Gallery creative team. This exhibition is a showcase of the talent and diverse art practice these groups promote, and a celebration of the creative spirit of the Latrobe City community.

Please direct sales enquiries to the respective Art Society

Morwell Art Group

Traralgon and District Art Society

Moe Art Society