Business Burnout Workshop #1. Start the Conversation

The first session “Starting the Conversation” will be held at the Morwell Innovation Centre and is facilitated by wellness consultant and expert, Christine Boucher who will delve into the challenges that can arise from business burnout, identify it before it becomes overwhelming and open the conversation around prevention and effective management strategies.

Burnout is a common issue experienced by many business owners and employees, particularly given the numerous challenges faced in recent times. Confronting burnout head-on is essential for physical and mental well-being, but left unaddressed, it can seriously impact your business.

At this free workshop, participants can expect to:
– Cultivate a deeper understanding of burnout with insights from business burnout research.
– Provide a supportive space for members to share their experiences and the impact it has had on their lives.
– Empower participants with actionable steps towards building resilience into their lives and creating a healthy work-life balance.
– Strengthen business connections and support amongst our community.

Tickets to this event are limited to two per organisation so get in quick.

The Power of Perspective with Ben Crowe

Thursday 3 October | 7pm |  GPAC Main Theatre

In his talk, Ben interweaves counter-intuitive principles and stories from his experience with some of the world’s most successful business leaders, coaches and athletes. 

These stories illustrate how a deep focus on Authenticity, Vulnerability & Connection can create not only an amazing culture and competitive advantage, but also help the audience work towards building more confidence and navigate life’s biggest distractions both in and outside work.

As Nike’s former International Director of Sports Marketing, Ben has worked with some of the worlds most famous individuals, including Andre Agassi and NIKE CEO Phil Knight. Most recently, Ben has worked with AFL team Richmond FC and Ash Barty through their most successful times and with business leaders at Meta, Toyota and Lexus.

Now, Ben explains the power of purpose using stories from some of the worlds most successful organisations, teams and athletes, and explains how a counter intuitive focus on gratitude, humility and humour can help achieve peak performance, avoid the distractions that typically sabotage performance and balance achievement with fulfilment.

As a renowned expert in connection and storytelling, Ben will take you on an inspiring and unexpected journey to discover the quirky and counter intuitive principles behind successful teams and leaders – unpacking authenticity, vulnerability, connection and storytelling.

Join Ben and unlock the power of perspective.

Full Price$40
Group of 5+$30