mudyigalang-gu ngurambang-gu

Clinton Hayden

June 8 – September 15
Gallery 6

Clinton Hayden is a queer contemporary artist whose work intersects technology, identity, and cultural heritage. As a proud Wiradjuri man with roots in Orange, NSW, and European ancestry, he offers a distinctive perspective in contemporary art. His current work investigates the critical imaginaries of AI, notably its transformative potential to examine colonial histories, queer culture, and First Nations stories. Mudyigalang-gu ngurambang-gu (Friends of Country in Wiradjuri) employs AI to adapt the visual language of iconic figures in queer culture, such as Tom of Finland, to include Aboriginal representation – a space from which it has often been excluded. This multifaceted approach prompts essential discussions about visibility, inclusivity, and the intersections of different identities. Hayden’s art is an open invitation to engage with the diverse and interconnected challenges surrounding dignity, identity, and representation in a rapidly evolving society.

Event Details

Start Date

June 8, 2024

End Date

September 15, 2024

Event Time

10am - 4pm


Latrobe Regional Gallery


138 Commercial Road, Morwell 3840

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Telephone (BH)

(03) 5128 5700

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