My Other Life As A Tree Frog

A drama workshop for ages 8 -10+

Friday 27 September, 2024 | 10am | GPAC Town Hall Theatre

Do you like making up crazy, imaginative stories? Do you enjoy pretending you’re a whole other character in a whole other place and time? How about meeting new friends who like doing the exact same thing? Then this is a holiday workshop for you.

Em Chandler invites you to join an adventure that focuses on the power of ‘transformation’ and ‘endowment’. Together you will help them to make up wild, weird, magical stories, and bring them to life with everyday objects. Can a fork become a magic wand? Can a blanket become the ocean, or a chair become a spaceship on its way to Jupiter?  

It sure can – and in this workshop you will get to explore all this and more.  Some children have big imaginations but are shy when it comes to performing. Some children see magical worlds but find expressing their ideas challenging. Endowing everyday objects and transforming them into new and incredible things is a wonderful way of opening the door to self-expression and confidence. To try new things. To bounce ideas off other children and to belong.  

Em Chandler (she/they) is a lauded storyteller, magician, and theatre-maker, bringing her unique repertoire of spells, stories and songs to intimate community events or major festivals.  

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Start Date

September 27, 2024

End Date

September 27, 2024

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GPAC Town Hall Theatre


Grey Street, Traralgon 3844

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Telephone (BH)

(03) 5176 3333

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