Fresh doughnut shop rockin’ happy days bistro vibes!

The staff at Walker’s Doughnuts are certainly treating locals and visitors with delectable treats in Traralgon

Get ready to enhance your taste buds with the most delectable doughnut and hot dog shop in Seymour Street, Traralgon! 

Feel like a superior quality doughnut? Choose from a range of 40 odd, delectable flavours including classic crèmes, original glaze, and the Bronut – which is a local favourite oozing crème bundles and jam.

The friendly staff at Walker’s Doughnuts Traralgon serving customers. Source: Latrobe City Council

Is a hot dog more to your taste? Get around the scrumptious hot dog options to satisfy any craving. Don’t worry if you need halal options – Gary has you covered! All meat is certifiably halal and delicious, to cater for the ever-growing multicultural community in Latrobe City. Thanks Gary!

Who’s Gary? Well, Gary Respondino is a well-loved local and all-round nice guy who’s lived in Latrobe City all his life. Encompassing good ol’ fashioned family and community values, we had a chat to Gary about the new journey at Walkers Doughnuts.

“We had lines out the door for the first two to three weeks and it was a struggle to keep up,” Gary said one buzzing Thursday afternoon. “Which was a good thing, but it kept everyone on their toes. People know we are here now, so it’s a bit more flowing.”

There’s options for everyone. “We offer a six pack of doughnuts for $22 or a 12 pack for $34, which ultimately works out pretty cheap.”
As for the future, Gary said it’s a journey but him and his friendly staff are here for the long run.

“We are starting to experiment with more flavours and ideas now,” Gary said.

“Everyone comes in happy and leaves in a happier place. Nine times out of 10, most people have a grin from ear to ear. Especially when they look at all the flavours, they go into this beautiful meltdown of what they’re going to pick first!”

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