About Latrobe City

Latrobe City is a space where new people and ideas can connect and thrive. We’re also geographically well connected to the rest of the state, including Melbourne.

Ambitious, vital, inventive and connected.

Like you, our story is in the making – on its way to somewhere remarkable.

We’re a work in progress that’s working towards opportunity and possibility, at every turn.

Rich in space, spirit and skills, we connect our community to create our destiny.

Ambition calls, and we answer tenfold, with innovation at every step. Curiosity leads and creativity follows, blazing the trail we continue. Energy and inspiration drive us forward, empowering our residents, investors, workers, and visitors to drive a healthy, sustainable future.

Above all, we build by building others with a purposeful dream.

Because like you, we seek a life transformed.

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Latrobe City is the perfect, proven balance of entrepreneurial culture, scaleable opportunity, accessible progress, connected communities and a healthy, sustainable future; empowering creative, can-do, industrious people to realise their biggest dreams and most aspirational ambitions for a life transformed.

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This is what it means to visit, work, invest and live in Latrobe City. It’s what Latrobe City is and what it will be.

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