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Latrobe City is already developing a reputation for growth and transformation. But we’re a long way from being finished. With clear roadmaps to increase both local and international opportunities for all in our community, we’re committed to meaningful transformation.

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We are for the Creative Thinkers, the Industrious Innovators and the Committed Can-Doers.

Energy and inspiration drive us forward, empowering our residents, investors, workers, and visitors to drive a healthy, sustainable future. Are you ready to be part of Australia’s regional transformation hub?

Latrobe City offers the perfect balance of a thriving business community and regional affordability. With one eye always on the future, Latrobe City Council offers opportunities for all who want to be part of our community. With projects and developments constantly offering unique employment opportunities to our focus on building global relationships, Latrobe aims to be the benchmark in regional transformation.

If you have big dreams, we’ve got the infrastructure, industry and support services to help you achieve them. The diverse landscape and culture of our region present an equally diverse opportunity to invest, live and thrive in a welcoming, supportive community.

We’re an ambitious community with plenty to offer those who want to be part of changing the way regional Australia is viewed. As you’ll quickly find, Latrobe is driven by innovative industries and a supporting local council that empowers everyone in the community to succeed.

This is what it means to invest, visit, live and work in Latrobe City.

Latrobe City is the perfect, proven balance of entrepreneurial culture, scaleable opportunity, accessible progress, connected communities and a healthy, sustainable future; empowering creative, can-do, industrious people to realise their biggest dreams and most aspirational ambitions for a life transformed.

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It’s what Latrobe City is and what it will be.