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Live at the heart of regional transformation. With a unique blend of natural beauty and wonderfully serviced towns, Latrobe City may just be exactly the change you’ve been looking for. Find out for yourself why our growing community is the perfect place to build your life.

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We are for the Creative Thinkers, the Industrious Innovators and the Committed Can-Doers.

Whether you need a change of scenery or you have career ambitions in one of our diverse industries, Latrobe City has the supportive community and infrastructure to help you succeed.

At Latrobe City, we have the future in our sights and in our hands. We prioritise sustainable development and sustainable living, healthy and connected communities and environments, and investment in arts, sports, events and education. It’s our goal to improve the lives of every single community member through a constant focus on progress, social well-being, and cultural learning and sharing.

Living, working, and investing in Latrobe City means no compromises. Our region offers a unique quality of life, with strong community values and support. It’s all part of the regional hospitality we’ve become known for. If you’ve got big dreams, we’ve got the size, space and opportunities for you to thrive. In fact, you’ll probably find that our community’s dreams are just as big as yours.

Best of all, we’re affordable and accessible. Our hub of well-connected, well-facilitated regional towns gives you your pick of communities and locations.

This is what it means to invest, visit, live and work in Latrobe City.

Latrobe City is the perfect, proven balance of entrepreneurial culture, scaleable opportunity, accessible progress, connected communities and a healthy, sustainable future; empowering creative, can-do, industrious people to realise their biggest dreams and most aspirational ambitions for a life transformed.

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It’s what Latrobe City is and what it will be.