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Latrobe City’s thriving business community is full of life, and there’s always something happening. From workshops and conferences to networking opportunities and major events, you can really become immersed in our collaborative, supportive business culture.

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Even the strongest businesses need support along the way. Latrobe City’s Business Development team offers a wide range of programs, workshops and events to inspire collaboration in our community.

While some businesses can thrive on their own, we like to be a bit more community-minded here in Latrobe City. If you spend any length of time in our region, you’ll be amazed at the caring, helpful and friendly people you meet. That extends right throughout our local business community.

Programs such as the Small Business Festival offer you a chance to learn, become motivated, and meet inspiring business leaders from the community. Latrobe City’s business development also hosts a range of other workshops, seminars and programs designed to help local businesses thrive.

We’re a collaborative bunch, meaning you’ll never be left without support in our region. Bring your business ideas to Latrobe, and you’ll quickly find out you’re in a town that supports and looks after its own.