Traditionally recognised as the heart of Victoria’s electricity industry, today a range of other sectors contribute to the Latrobe City economy.

The Investment Precincts have been developed to support the right investments in the right locations. This prospectus provides an overview of the investment-ready opportunities available for industry in Latrobe City and to support proactive management of growth into well-planned precincts.

Development of these precincts is expected to create new economic activity and employment opportunities in Latrobe City. The Investment Precincts will support the creation of a diversified, prosperous local economy and bright economic future for our region.

The top five contributors to Latrobe City’s economic output are:

- Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services Sector | $2.3billion | 22.2%
- Manufacturing | $1.7billion | 16.3%
- Construction | $1.2billion | 11.6%
- Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services | $835million | 7.7%
- Health Care and Social Assistance | $611million | 5.7%

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