Inside St Mary's Anglican Church Morwell you will find the ‘The Ascending Christ’ artwork by renowned Australian artist Arthur Boyd.

‘The Ascending Christ’ is a well-known artwork by renowned artist Arthur Boyd. Originally commissioned for St John's in Yallourn in 1960, the artwork was moved to St Mary's Anglican Church in Morwell where it remains an important and popular feature of the local community.

Measuring 5 metres x 8 metres the impressive artwork is located behind the altar. ‘The Ascending Christ’ features 16 masonite panels in casein and tempera paints of royal blue and white tones.

No visit to Morwell is complete without viewing this stunning piece of art by one of Australia’s most highly regarded artists.



Latrobe Road, Morwell 3840


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8 Latrobe Road,
Morwell Australia 3840

0409 757 170

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