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This is what it means to visit, work, invest and live in Latrobe City. It’s what Latrobe City is and what it will be.

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Energy and inspiration drive us forward, empowering our residents, investors, workers, and visitors to drive a healthy, sustainable future.

Latrobe City welcomes and empowers inventive people because we believe in a better future, together. We champion and help grow our communities’ success stories of entrepreneurialism, creativity and collaboration.

Against a historical backdrop of industrial might and grit, we support healthier futures and the people who dream of shaping them.

At Latrobe City, we have the future in our sights and in our hands. We prioritise sustainable development and sustainable living, healthy and connected communities and environments, and investment in arts, sport, events and education to drive progress, social wellbeing, and cultural learning and sharing.

We are connected to a diversity of nature - mountains, coast and lush green spaces - all within easy reach of our liveable, well-facilitated towns.

We know achieving this balance is what delivers a true quality of life, and healthy futures for all.

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