Taylah quit her job to make scrunchies. Now she’s a huge success.

Taylah Rose currently has over 68,000 followers on her Youtube channel detailing how she preps for market days and other creative vlogs.

Taylah Rose

Handcrafted hair accessories and scrunchies galore! 

Taylah Rose is all about stylish yet functional hair accessories for all ages. All scrunchies are handmade by Taylah from her sewing machine.

Taylah Rose, owner of Made by Taylah Rose, Boolarra Folk Festival 2023. Source: Latrobe City Council

Midway through 2020, Taylah quit her part-time job to pursue her dreams. She now works full time for herself and hasn’t looked back. She currently has over 68,000 followers on her Youtube channel detailing how she preps for market days and other creative vlogs.  

“I quit all my jobs and started working full time on my creative home-based business, and I’m elated to see how far it’s come since then,” Taylah said. 

Starting her Gippsland-based home business at fifteen years old, Taylah wanted to create something beautiful by creating something beautiful for a gift or someone else. 

Taylah said her greatest achievements have been buying her own home following the success of her market days online store, which also draws international clients through her website. 

“I just bought my home after growing my brand on social media channels, including Instagram,” Taylah said. “During market days around Gippsland, it’s so exciting to see people I know by face and name at those events come to see me and check out all the accessories on offer.” 

When asked about her greatest inspiration, Taylah said;  

“I really just had more motivation than inspiration to succeed. I wanted to do something that I love and be happy while working. Doing this is not just about making scrunchies, it’s about inspiring other people to create things and do what they love too.”  

“I’ve had hundreds of people message me saying that they’ve started sewing or doing something they love too, and it deeply humbles me that I’ve inspired others to follow their dreams too,” Taylah said. 

One of Taylah’s favourite quotes is: “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

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