Candle business begins as a story of hope

The King’s Candle evolved from a story of resilience, strength and hope where the most beautiful flickers of light can appear throughout the hardest trials in life.

The King’s Candle

Candles with a cause that enhance the moment is what The King’s Candle encompasses.

Cassandra King, owner of The King’s Candle. Source: Latrobe City Council

The concept of King’s Candle derived from owner Cassie King’s cancer journey after being diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2019.

Throughout Cassie’s treatment, she would light a candle each morning and discovered the varying differences between how candles are made.

“Once receiving news of my remission I wanted to not only give back but bring a point of difference by only using toxic free wax and the highest quality fragrance oils for a clean burning fragrance,” Cassie said.

The King’s Candle offers a beautiful range of candle collections, including the Nostalgia Collection and the Signature Collection.

“Our Signature collection is made up of 400-gram coconut soy candles with a crackling wood wick that derived from my time fighting blood cancer,” Cassie said.

“This is why two of these candles donate to Blood Cancer Australia and Breast Cancer Australia.”

Be sure to check out the Nostalgia collection which is created from a series of stories from life, love, and memories of Cassie’s youth.

“I have transformed these nostalgic moments into rustic amber candles with a corked lid, in the hope that when you light them, I can transport you there too!”

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