Quirky fabrics and wheat bags helped this business owner deal with pain

Growing up in Gippsland, Kylie started making her own wheat bags after being diagnosed with endometriosis.

Colourful and unique wheat bags is Kylie’s passion.

Growing up in Gippsland, Kylie started making her own wheat bags after being diagnosed with endometriosis. Making wheat bags helped ease her pain and so her business started in 2018.

Made by Ky, Boolarra Folk Festival 2023. Source: Latrobe City Council

Sourcing unique fabrics designs, Kylie creates fun designs with her sewing machine that are often Australian-themed as well as fun and cheerful patterns.  

Kylie is also a big believer in helping other fellow small businesses. “Being able to help people is just really lovely,” Kylie said. “It’s not something that I first thought about, but as it’s come along, and hearing stories from customers that their special wheat bags have made their day or brought small pockets of joy to lives.” 

This includes sourcing local wheat suppliers. 

Kylie said that what started initially as an ‘accidental hobby’ after changing career paths, helping people deal with all kind of pain has been truly humbling.  

“Five years ago, I could have never imagined how popular the wheat bags had become. I stock all over Australia, and although it’s a lot of work, it’s fun. I love finding unique fabrics and giving people a reason to smile though colourful patterns.” 

When asked about how her business started, Kylie said it took her by surprise how quickly the popularity soared. “Hearing stories from people that wheat bags have helped growing pains for kids, or older pets that have arthritis – hearing all those stories is really lovely.”  

“My greatest inspiration is being able to help people who are in pain, give some comfort and joy to people.”  

While juggling her growing family, business and market days, Kylie said her market days are also “me time.” 

“Markets are my me time, where I get to have one on one interaction and have something that I enjoy while working. It’s been an incredible journey so far.” 

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