Local home-based bake house inspires through visually stunning desserts

Remi & Florence Bakehouse

Remi & Florence Bakehouse specialise in luxury cookies and cakes, all custom designed and handmade to compliment your special day.

Hand painted sugar cookies, wedding cakes and Christmas themed-bakes are just some of the desserts on offer through Remi & Florence.

Kim, owner of Remi & Florence Bakehouse. Source: Latrobe City Council

Founder of Remi & Florence, Kim, started her business last October after discovering her love for creating visually stunning desserts for special occasions.

“There’s a saying that people love to eat with their eyes,” Kim said. “Everyone knows a good cupcake tastes nice, but I wanted to take it to the next level.”

“I love creating desserts that also tells a story – whether its sugar cookies at a baptism or a first birthday, or a Christmas themed work event, it’s wonderful to be able to add something special to any kind of event.”

The inspiration behind the name of Remi & Florence is the middle names of her two daughters, which Kim said adds a personal touch but a bit different.

“I started baking for family and friends and just kind of started from there – it got really busy really quickly.”

“I wasn’t really looking to get into cakes or cookies, but it was just something I did while my daughters were napping. Now that they are a little bit older, I’ve started doing wedding expos in Melbourne as well,” Kim said.

Kim also attends many markets around the region, where her sugar cookies and brownies quite often sell out very quickly.

“I am starting to lean more into our signature cookies which are our sell out desserts that we bring to local markets and events! They sell out every time we bake them and are about to ship them Australia-wide.”

Limited edition signature sugar cookies create an unforgettable dessert experience for all!

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