Hidden within the Strzelecki Ranges, Tarra Bulga National Park features lush fern-filled gullies, giant Mountain Ash and ancient Myrtle Beech.

The park covers some of the best examples of original cool temperate rainforests of the Strzelecki Ranges.

For lovers of the outdoors, the incredible Tarra Bulga National Park in the Latrobe City region is a must-see. From strolling along one of the nature walks or picnicking beside a shady fern-lined creek, there is plenty to see and do.

Visit the impressive Corrigan’s Suspension Bridge for spectacular views of the lush fern gully or explore over 41 fern species throughout the park. Tarra Bulga is also a haven for many birds and other local wildlife.



Grand Ridge Road, Balook 3971

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  • Open everyday


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