Local home-based bake house inspires through visually stunning desserts

Remi & Florence Bakehouse

Remi & Florence Bakehouse specialise in luxury cookies and cakes, all custom designed and handmade to compliment your special day.

Hand painted sugar cookies, wedding cakes and Christmas themed-bakes are just some of the desserts on offer through Remi & Florence.

Kim, owner of Remi & Florence Bakehouse. Source: Latrobe City Council

Founder of Remi & Florence, Kim, started her business last October after discovering her love for creating visually stunning desserts for special occasions.

“There’s a saying that people love to eat with their eyes,” Kim said. “Everyone knows a good cupcake tastes nice, but I wanted to take it to the next level.”

“I love creating desserts that also tells a story – whether its sugar cookies at a baptism or a first birthday, or a Christmas themed work event, it’s wonderful to be able to add something special to any kind of event.”

The inspiration behind the name of Remi & Florence is the middle names of her two daughters, which Kim said adds a personal touch but a bit different.

“I started baking for family and friends and just kind of started from there – it got really busy really quickly.”

“I wasn’t really looking to get into cakes or cookies, but it was just something I did while my daughters were napping. Now that they are a little bit older, I’ve started doing wedding expos in Melbourne as well,” Kim said.

Kim also attends many markets around the region, where her sugar cookies and brownies quite often sell out very quickly.

“I am starting to lean more into our signature cookies which are our sell out desserts that we bring to local markets and events! They sell out every time we bake them and are about to ship them Australia-wide.”

Limited edition signature sugar cookies create an unforgettable dessert experience for all!

Taylah quit her job to make scrunchies. Now she’s a huge success.

Taylah Rose currently has over 68,000 followers on her Youtube channel detailing how she preps for market days and other creative vlogs.

Taylah Rose

Handcrafted hair accessories and scrunchies galore! 

Taylah Rose is all about stylish yet functional hair accessories for all ages. All scrunchies are handmade by Taylah from her sewing machine.

Taylah Rose, owner of Made by Taylah Rose, Boolarra Folk Festival 2023. Source: Latrobe City Council

Midway through 2020, Taylah quit her part-time job to pursue her dreams. She now works full time for herself and hasn’t looked back. She currently has over 68,000 followers on her Youtube channel detailing how she preps for market days and other creative vlogs.  

“I quit all my jobs and started working full time on my creative home-based business, and I’m elated to see how far it’s come since then,” Taylah said. 

Starting her Gippsland-based home business at fifteen years old, Taylah wanted to create something beautiful by creating something beautiful for a gift or someone else. 

Taylah said her greatest achievements have been buying her own home following the success of her market days online store, which also draws international clients through her website. 

“I just bought my home after growing my brand on social media channels, including Instagram,” Taylah said. “During market days around Gippsland, it’s so exciting to see people I know by face and name at those events come to see me and check out all the accessories on offer.” 

When asked about her greatest inspiration, Taylah said;  

“I really just had more motivation than inspiration to succeed. I wanted to do something that I love and be happy while working. Doing this is not just about making scrunchies, it’s about inspiring other people to create things and do what they love too.”  

“I’ve had hundreds of people message me saying that they’ve started sewing or doing something they love too, and it deeply humbles me that I’ve inspired others to follow their dreams too,” Taylah said. 

One of Taylah’s favourite quotes is: “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

Candle business begins as a story of hope

The King’s Candle evolved from a story of resilience, strength and hope where the most beautiful flickers of light can appear throughout the hardest trials in life.

The King’s Candle

Candles with a cause that enhance the moment is what The King’s Candle encompasses.

Cassandra King, owner of The King’s Candle. Source: Latrobe City Council

The concept of King’s Candle derived from owner Cassie King’s cancer journey after being diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2019.

Throughout Cassie’s treatment, she would light a candle each morning and discovered the varying differences between how candles are made.

“Once receiving news of my remission I wanted to not only give back but bring a point of difference by only using toxic free wax and the highest quality fragrance oils for a clean burning fragrance,” Cassie said.

The King’s Candle offers a beautiful range of candle collections, including the Nostalgia Collection and the Signature Collection.

“Our Signature collection is made up of 400-gram coconut soy candles with a crackling wood wick that derived from my time fighting blood cancer,” Cassie said.

“This is why two of these candles donate to Blood Cancer Australia and Breast Cancer Australia.”

Be sure to check out the Nostalgia collection which is created from a series of stories from life, love, and memories of Cassie’s youth.

“I have transformed these nostalgic moments into rustic amber candles with a corked lid, in the hope that when you light them, I can transport you there too!”

Henselite Victorian Open 2024

If you’re a lover of bowls or interested in watching the sport, the Henselite Victorian Open is your answer!  

Even if you don’t know much about bowls, the event will provide a fun community atmosphere for all to enjoy.  

 The Henselite Victorian Open is Bowls Victoria’s premier state event. It’s the largest bowls event in Victoria and second largest in the country.   

  Since its inception in 2011, the event has become hugely popular for both professional and grassroots bowlers.  

 The Gippsland region will offer bowlers a range of different surfaces to bowl on, at a time of year when the greens will be at their best.  

 Events are played at various venues throughout Gippsland, with Traralgon and Morwell Bowling Clubs acting as the major hubs and finals venues.  

 Competition categories include mixed pairs, pairs, and men’s and women’s singles and triples. The finals will take place on 27 and 28 March.  

Mayor of Latrobe City Council, Councillor Darren Howe, said Council is looking forward to welcoming competitors to the region and hope that they have time to explore all Latrobe City has to offer.   

 “Major events like these also offer a great boost to the local economy and are an important tourism-driver for the region. The economic impact this event brings to Latrobe City is up to 3.1 million,” said the Mayor.  

“We are excited to showcase the state-of-the-art bowls venues in Latrobe City during the event. Traralgon and Morwell Bowls clubs are impressive venues with impeccable greens and newly refurbished function spaces. 

“The Henselite Victorian Open is open to bowlers of all ages and abilities. We look forward to welcoming participants from right across Australia and internationally, to participate in this iconic event.” 

The Henselite Victorian Open is the perfect opportunity to watch some good-quality bowls. The best part is spectator entry is free!   

For more information, visit the Henselite Victorian Open website: vicopen.com.au